Terry Campbell - Vice Mayor

Council Members serve a four-year term of office.

Term Expires: November 2014


A brief resume that might help determine my Qualification to serve the Community:

I was born and raised in Anaheim California, attending Fullerton Community College with a major in Business Administration. My career line has been in the Water and Power Operations. Retiring from City of Los Angeles, Department of Water and Power Generation Station Operations in 1998 after 25 years of service.

Started coming to the Needles area in 1971 to Boat on the Colorado River. Started racing drag boats from 1983 - 1998, nominated member of the Drivers Commission Representing Drivers and Owners for The International Hot Boat Association. High Point Champion in Modified Jet 1998 Season. Beside building my own Race Engines, was recruited to build Engines for Local California NASCAR Race Teams.

Bought a weekender home in the area in 1975. My wife, of 39 years, and I now live in our dream home here in the City of Needles.

Served 3 years on the Needles Public Utility Authority Commission and Elected to the City Council November of 2010, Council Appointed to the Budget Committee and Mojave Desert Air Quality Board of Governors.

I look forward to serving the Residents & Business Owners of Needles, CA